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Kimya sanat

Kimya sanat co. has started it activities since 2006 and we are involved in designing, consulting, training and installing of factories to produce  several types of artificial stones (tiles, pavement stone, facing stone, curb, cornice, …). Our artificial stone line use concrete as a raw materials and resin as a reinforcement and pigment for coloring the final product. as a new product you can see new sate of the art.

we  commissioned  and installed several factories in regional market and countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Qatar. our field of activity are design, modeling, manufacturing of several mold and chicaneries including injection molding and vacuum forming and preparation of resin and pigment.

Kimya sanat co. owns production unit with total of 3500 square meter and using 40 expert persons. we provide best quality of mold and parts of injection using best raw material of petrochemical companies.

we manufacture machinery of production line for artificial stone with automatic and manual system. our artificial stone includes more than 200 type and models and it is mixed of technique and arts.

as a matter of  facts in recent years this rubbery molds for production of tiles and stones and artificial stone are common method but Kimya sanat started production of mold using composite raw materials such as ABS, PP and other polymeric alloys as a base for pavement and face stone mold.


We introduced new technology of marbles, face stones, pavement, curb and … as a Cementplast Technology. we introduce cementplast technology that uses sand and cement as major raw material to manufacture fantastic and beautiful stones. Cementplast technology means variety of several arts to produce artificial and antique stones. this method is high flexible to produce most concrete based stones and products with best facial quality and high mechanical strength. you can manufacture cost competitive stones using this production process.

We have trained and commissioned several plant in local market and forging countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Qatar, Greece, Jordan, …

The investor who searching for small and medium enterprise (SME) with good economic situation can study this technology . we are sure that Cementplast technology will change the story of your regional artificial stones , we ensure you that this stone can compete with natural stones certainly.

kimya sanat co. invite you to com and visit our factory and touch the cementplast products technology closely including stones, molds, machinery and required raw materials. We are sure that cementplast technology will help you start new business that is in the border of arts and industry and you will benefit it economically to change the word of stones around yourself and made it more colorful.