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concrete, pigments and mixing

in recent ears there is several interest to use pigments. the pigments based on iron oxide(red, yellow and brown) are totally mixed with concrete. normally pigments add to concrete based on weight of cement 3-5 %. it depends on quality  of pigments and the shade color of sand and cement. earning the shade of following colors are available by quiet good mixing and formulation: Red(Iron Oxide) Yellow(Iron oxide) Brown(Iron Oxide) White(White cement with Titan, TiO2) Following Video shows the process of adding water...

the several for concrete mixing

Concrete mixing process regards to quality of mixing several items should be take consider to prepare concrete with high quality. Quality of mixing that depend on design of mixer Raw materials(sand and cement and water) also plasticizer Water to cement ratio. as you can see in video the timing to add water and additives can help us to earn concrete with suitable stamp. in following article we will discuss more about the curing and coloring the concrete. ...

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